SETEC's  Direct-Drive Wind-Turbine Innovations
Electronics Hard- and Software, Tower, Nacelle, Hub, Generator

Frequency Converter with active grid control

and several 100 sets in wind-power operation.

The special features of

  • Adjustable control algorithms are integrated for detection and to compensate harmonic distortion and in combination with ride through capability during grid-disturbance.
  • In the converter cabinet, the circuit breakers for the mains connection as well as the 400 V distribution for the internal WT power-supply are integrated.
  • Control equipment for communication inside the wind-turbine.
  • Control-strategy to protect the generator winding from high  voltage spikes. 
  • Monitoring of grid stability and no WT shutdown,  in case of disturbances in the power grid within adjustable limits.
  • Control equipment for communication inside turbine.
  • High efficient liquid cooling to dissipate IGBT losses based on converter perience since 1995.

Multifunctional controller board.
4 x used for converter
3 x used for pitch-system
2 x used for turbine control,
pitch-master and yaw-control.