SETEC's  Direct-Drive Wind-Turbine Innovations
Electronics Hard- and Software, Tower, Nacelle, Hub, Generator

Engineering for Wind Turbines and the Technology Licensing.

Our R&D services:

  • The application for onshore and offshore and that in combination with a floating foundation.
  • The manufacturing documents of the direct drive generator.
  • Active front-end frequency converter usable for all grid codes.
  • Control-system and SCADA with favourable features for the wind tracking.
  • The really safe AC pitch system provides additional protection in the event that a standard emergency pitch of rotor-blade fails.
  • As a standout feature, all devices with controller function use the same type of microcontroller-board, and the software adapts to the device.

Our electronic system:

Frequency converter, Pitch-drives, Wind-turbine Control system.

We manufacture the cabinets ourselves, or support the production in clients factory for larger quantities.

SETEC's headquarter built in 1994