SETEC's  Direct-Drive Wind-Turbine Innovations
Electronics Hard- and Software, Tower, Nacelle, Hub, Generator

 Advanced WT Control Technology

>  SETEC wind-turbine control together with the complete electronic system used at wind-turbine allows easy adaptation,

>  and despite its excellent features, offers considerable cost savings.

The System highlights:

  • The system allows very simple handling, as in the WT no patchwork of electronic systems is required.
  • The fast recording of selectable data in 0.5 ms increments provides the highest level of diagnostic accuracy after event triggering. This feature is also ideal for optimizing al control function in entire WT.
  • SETEC's control-system does not need any PC nor an additional PLC for the WT operation.
  • The system has been used for many years, and along with SETEC's frequency converter and pitch drives.

We are convinced that such a system is not easier and better to realize.