SETEC's  Direct-Drive Wind-Turbine Innovations
Electronics Hard- and Software, Tower, Nacelle, Hub, Generator

Frequency Converter, WT-control, Pitch-System. 

The complete package offers everything according to the state of the art, but in addition some additional essential features, and high cost savings.

  • The SETEC AC Pitch System can prevent extreme damage to the WT when the standard emergency system for rotor-blade turn fails.
  • Decentral Control System functionality via direct bus between all stations inside of the WT, for the replacement of PC- and PLC control.
  • The Active Front-End Frequency Converter with control loops for power and also harmonids cancelation. Even short power interruptions are handled by automatic adaptation. 

Advanced WT Control Technology

>  SETEC wind-turbine control together with the complete electronic system used at wind-turbine allows easy adaptation,

>  and despite its excellent features, offers considerable cost savings.

The System highlights:

  • The system allows very simple handling, as in the WT no patchwork of electronic systems is required.
  • The fast recording of selectable data in 0.5 ms increments provides the highest level of diagnostic accuracy after event triggering. This feature is also ideal for optimizing al control function in entire WT.
  • SETEC's control-system does not need any PC nor an additional PLC for the WT operation.
  • The system has been used for many years, and along with SETEC's frequency converter and pitch drives.

We are convinced that such a system is not easier and better to realize.  

SCADA system with Direct Online Monitoring of all control equipment within the wind turbine.

  • It includes a direct bus connection to all control stations within a wind turbineand allows access to all parameters of the Frequency converter, Turbine-control, Pitch-drives and Yaw-system.
  • Each control station is equipped with an event-monitor that captures all relevant signals across an adjustable time window before and after events at a sampling rate of about 0.5 milliseconds.
  •  Data of all important operations and events are automatically transferred and saved in the wind-turbine PC and can be remotely analyzed.
  •  This creates an exceptional diagnostic capability, and the WT’s operation can be monitored, verified and optimized perfectly.
  •  The unique SCADA system has been in use for many years and has been continually expanded

Sketch of a windfarm SCADA connection

Pitch Drive System for Improved Safety.

> The SETEC pitch system offers double safety on each rotor blade for 90 ° positioning.
>  The spinning-off of the rotor blades or a collapse of the wind turbine due to overspeed and imbalance will become unlikely.

The general function: 

  • During an undisturbed system, the special function is in standby mode. 
  • If the standard system can not adjust the rotor blades, the safety function becomes fail-safe active, by a purely mechanical function. 
  • Releasing a rotational movement of rotor-blade  in direction of 90 degrees.
  • In the case of a turn towards the work-poition the mechanically controlled function prevents from this rotation.

This means that extreme damage to the WT caused by pitch-drives malfunction can be avoided for a negligible additional cost.